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From the time since I got this book “Why Nations Fail’’, I have been trying to read it but due to one reason or the other sometimes due to lack of time and preoccupied with work or sometimes due to my lethargic behavior. I was constantly procrastinating it but finally after getting Amal’s just start project. I decided to apply it to this book and finally achieved the task of studying it. It is an interesting book and I always wanted to read it. First of all I took the book out of the shelf, divided it into parts in order to complete it in a week. Then allocated it a proper time in my weekly schedule.

Although it took some portion of my weekly timetable but it did not take that much time which I apprehended and the task that I delayed got completed with Amal's Just Start project. After dividing the book in proper parts and allocating it a small portion of time, I realized that it was not that difficult to complete it. The things which we fear would be difficult and take our time are not always the way we perceive, they are most of the time easy to achieve but the only hindrance is our apprehension and perception. Therefore, we should set aside these and start it at once.

This just start experience made me understand the fact that every project can be completed with a very less effort and time if initiated and planned properly. Delaying any project that needs to be done, again and again only adds to the burden of the work so better to start it immediately. Although I faced a shortage of time, but I prioritize the things to sort out this project. It was an interesting book and I enjoyed reading it a lot. Therefore, I have decided to start all my pending projects and tasks this way to increase my efficiency and productivity.




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